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The Strategists

Conceptual NFT

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Every idea is unique, which we assume means every idea is non-fungible. Purchase your own concept of a The Strategists NFT. You won't be sent an NFT but - to be fair - that doesn't leave you in a materially different situation than somebody who spent the $99 on an NFT. Instead, we give you permission to have a unique thought about The Strategists.

We will send you a (non-personalized, non-transferrable, non-verifiable, copyable) JPEG that your conceptual NFT is authentic if you provide your email address.

Only 10,000 available!

PLEASE NOTE: picture is a visualization. We will not be shipping you a shadow.

We "appreciate" your "business"

It's not everyday you get products of this high a quality, unless you shop here every day. Congratulations on your purchase!